Type By the 80’s the old shop was been torn down and the new shop at 440 Pattie was open.
Hadley retired pass the torch off to Darryl and Duane.
Darryl and his Jean took on the daily running of the shop while Duane worked in the field.
Darryl’s son in-law Ken Potvin became the next family member to become a plumber.
After over 40 years of plumbing Darryl and Jean retired in 2009, selling their share of the company to Ken.
Darryl’s oldest daughter Shelley Coleman come in to take Jeans place running the office.
we lost Ken to cancer leaving a big hole in the family and the business.
Steve Coleman, Shelley’s husband came in with 30 years in the plumbing industry..

Gabriel Adair.

Licensed plumber

3 years experience

Hadley Creekmore came to Wichita in 1935. Where he started learning the plumbing business. By 1941 he had his plumbing license. During World War 2 he went to California to work as a plumber at Kaiser Shipyards where he worked on Liberty Ships.
In 1945 he returns to Wichita to start his own plumbing business. Hadley his wife and 3 children moved into the back of the house on Pattie, while he used the front as his plumbing shop.​

Steve Coleman


Master Plumber 

​30 years experience

Shelley Coleman 

owner (president

Shelley and Steve bought Duane out in 2019 Still keeping it a family own shop.
Now in 2023 we celebrate 75 years of serving Wichita as a family own business.

Making us one of the oldest in Wichita.


Mark Evans

11 years experience 

Creekmore Plumbing is born. In the early 50’s he moved his family to the Douglas Kansas farm, and change the old house to a full shop. The business thrives, Hadley earn the reputation of fair and honest businessman.
In the early 60’s his teenage son Darryl came to work with Hadley. Darryl learned from his dad the plumbing trade and soon received is license.
By the late 60’s Hadley youngest son Duane had joined the business making it a true family business

Our Staff

When you're dealing with Creekmore Plumbing, you're in the best of hands. Here are the core team members of our operation that keep it running as smoothly as your pipes will after we come clean them.